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    Welcome to our Newest Editorial Members

Our HealthCare21 family has grown over the past few months due to our ever-continuing expansion. Our Editorial team has seen the addition of two Medical Writers and an Editorial Assistant to support existing work in long-term therapy areas. Meet our newest members below: Andrea, May, and Owen, who have all taken different avenues to begin their med comms careers.

My name is Andrea E. Vasconez, and I joined HealthCare21 in October 2018. Since I can remember, I have always had a fascination with the biology of the human body and therefore it’s not exactly surprising that I chose to spend an extra 9 years of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies learning more about it. I have also always had a passion for writing, but besides manuscript and grant applications I struggled to figure out how to combine my love for science with the dream of being a Writer. Throughout my years in academia, I gathered experience in several different fields of physiological research including metabolic disease and biomechanics, as well as molecular biology and epigenetic regulation. During my graduate studies at the University of Florida, I taught undergraduate courses in anatomy and physiology, and in my Ph.D. I focused on molecular regulatory mechanisms in hypertension and cardiac hypertrophy. My experience so far at HealthCare21 has been extremely rewarding in that I find that I’m in an environment that challenges me to be better, while supporting my professional and personal growth. I feel right at home and extremely fortunate to be part of this family.

Greetings from Singapore! May here. I joined the HealthCare21 family in December 2018 as the Editorial Team Lead for the Asia Pacific region and China. Coming with a fairly academic background, I first started in front of the classroom teaching calculus and statistics. From there, I moved into a lab and received a Masters in Biology from McGill University, Quebec, Canada, where I conducted research in neurobiology and pain. At that point, my passion in communications really took off and I started my foray into medical and research communications. Now, having worked in medical and research communications in both agency and academic settings for the last 5 years, I truly appreciate the importance of well-written and thought-out content that engages, educates and inspires. What drew me to the HealthCare21 family wasn’t just their polished and innovative approach to medical communications, but also their strong values of family, integrity and independence. I felt like I was coming home.

My name is Owen and I joined the HealthCare21 team in January 2019, having just graduated from Durham University with an MA in Creative Writing. I have always been passionate about language; and wanted to pursue an editorial career. Editing, in one form or another, has been an integral part of my educational life, as I’ve been involved in the creation, production, proof reading and editing of several newsletters and magazines throughout school and University. Therefore, to now be a part of Team ECOH and work alongside so many writers, on such a variety projects, is fantastic. Having had no prior professional experience, so much time has been given to train me, and I’ve learnt a great deal already. From my first day here, I’ve felt supported and at ease within a team who are genuinely lovely. In short, I am very grateful to be here at HealthCare21.

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