The medicine cabinet of the future – build your own personalised pills

The medicine cabinet of the future – build your own personalised pills

With the continued development of wearable technology, your smartwatch can now come with a built-in electrocardiogram and your leggings can measure your vitals. But how can this technology benefit medication?

Readings can be viewed live and retrospectively – by a healthcare professional such as your doctor or cardiologist – to give a sign of your overall health. If you are one of the many people across the world taking several prescription medicines every day, this can ensure your health is monitored continuously.

One major issue with taking multiple pills is compliance, the next is dose. This wearable technology can help personalise your dose through the readings your doctor receives. There is currently a prototype that will combine all the multiple pills you take into one single pill. This will take into consideration any inter-drug reactions and the exact dose can be agreed upon by an experienced professional.

The IntelliMedicine prototype printer is a large machine, but with further development this can be made more compact and eventually fit inside your own medicine cabinet. Working with wearable technology to monitor your vitals, this printer would have the ability to create a single pill – tailored specifically for you.

Sara Abou-Shakra, HealthCare21 Communications, Macclesfield