• The medicine cabinet of the future – build your own personalised pills

    With the continued development of wearable technology, your smartwatch can now come with a built-in electrocardiogram and your leggings can measure your vitals. But how […]

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  • Need a boost?

    It’s 15:00, you’re full after lunch, the coffee is wearing off and you’ve demolished half a pack of custard creams. The inevitable sluggishness is setting […]

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  • Measuring behavioural change – going beyond instant metrics

    Tool-based metrics extend engagement and value of medical education (MedEd) activities. Simple questions associated with an educational tool can quantify behavioural change over time to […]

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  • The Negativity Bias

    It’s fair to say that our prehistoric ancestors had very different lives to us. In the developed world, most of us rarely struggle to meet […]

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  • Bubble Room | Precision Education

    Our exploration of important transformations in healthcare has inspired us to re-launch our Bubble Room series centred around the theme of innovation. This video, the […]

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  • Welcome to our newest Scientific Director

    We’re delighted to give Mike Musialowski a warm welcome in his new role as Scientific Director at HealthCare21. In joining our ever-growing and uniquely-talented anti-infectives […]

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  • Are smart watches really capable of detecting atrial fibrillation?

    Smart watches and wearable devices are gaining more and more popularity, with over 450 million sold worldwide and an annual predicted growth of 20%. These […]

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  • Welcome to our newest account members

    Our HealthCare21 family has grown over the past few months due to our ever-continuing expansion. Our Accounts team has seen the addition of three new […]

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  • Welcome to our newest editorial members

    Our HealthCare21 family has grown over the past few months due to our ever-continuing expansion. Our Editorial team has seen the addition of two Medical […]

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  • The warning whiff of cancer

    Cancer-detecting breath test starts Phase II clinical trial A new Phase II clinical trial (NCT02612532) named LuCID, has been launched by the Cancer Research UK […]

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  • The AI healthcare revolution and what it means for medical communications

    Blockbuster movies depict artificial intelligence (AI) as self-aware, sentient beings with a hunger for world domination. While this is still a far-fetched fantasy, AI is […]

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  • Assessing the success of a medical communications event

    Imagine this: you have come to the end of your medical communications event. Event attendees and clients alike are patting your back for a job […]

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