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    HealthCare21 adventures: what does a medical writer do at a medical congress?

HC21 has had a very busy year so far, from advisory boards to digital tools, infographics to masterclasses. The team and the company are growing and growing. One of the big stories of the last 12 months has been the presence of HC21 at international congresses, including the American College of Cardiology (ACC) and American Diabetes Association (ADA) congresses. Furthermore, HC21 are currently in the process of preparing for a number of activities taking place at the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) 2018 meeting.

From the perspective of a medical writer who has recently started out in this fascinating field, attending these international conferences is a rewarding and eye-opening experience. There is the opportunity to network, to learn, to engage and to explore the latest advances in key therapeutic areas. At ACC, HC21 collaborated with pharmaceutical companies and key stakeholders to help communicate the latest results of a cardiovascular-focused trial, results of which continue to be released and discussed at other events such as ADA. This is a journey HC21 are looking to follow during EASD in October.

In terms of the company, a collaborative team is key to success in the management of goings-on that require such coordination and organisation. All members of the team are essential – there is a shared feeling of accomplishment celebrating the end of a successful meeting.

Image: The HealthCare21 team who worked at ADA in June 2018.

From an individual perspective, these conferences provide opportunities to network and build upon existing relationships, or establish new connections with companies and leaders in the pharmaceutical field. Speaking to and learning from leaders in the cardiovascular and diabetes fields has been a highlight of my training as a medical writer so far, and being able to play a part in communicating the therapies of the future is something special and a privilege.

HC21 have carried out a variety of engagements at these large-scale events including global advisory boards, filming activities, poster and abstract development, face-to-face meetings and symposiums, as well as conducting post-congress activities such as congress reporting and video production. Events like these allow HC21 to collaborate with pharmaceutical companies in the optimisation of their communication and engagement with key opinion leaders in different medical fields, to help inform healthcare professionals of the future about the latest and greatest news in drug development within target therapy areas.

HC21 are in the process of preparing to support our clients at EASD in October, utilising previous achievements and successes to provide a smooth and engaging programme of educational and exciting events. It’s a great experience working as part of such a dynamic writing team.

Amie Peltzer (Medical Writer, HealthCare21)

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