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    Addressing healthcare issues that define 2018

On our 21st birthday, our team at HealthCare21 covered the significant advancements within the healthcare sector that occurred over the past 21 years. We will now be posting 21 developments that will be shaping the future of medical communications and healthcare delivery.

10. 2018 is the year of strategic patient experience. Healthcare organisations need to educate both patients and clinicians on how to use current available tools and integrate them into care. Recent data shows that 73% of providers surveyed believe that balancing both patient and employee job satisfaction is a barrier to efforts to improve patient experience, but the two have the potential to go hand in hand. The Cleveland Clinic saw major improvements in patient experience measures after conducting programmes to engage employees in the mission of caregiving.

Meanwhile gathering real-world evidence is becoming a growing challenge for Pharma. Companies are seeking partners that already have broad patient consent to share data – many health systems have invested in data infrastructure and aim to use this as a market differentiator. Some digital pharmaceutical undertakings – for instance, web-linked pill bottles – gather their own data. These kinds of IT tools could be a natural extension for pharmaceutical companies with existing digital investments to take patient engagement tools to market.


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