Engaging live audiences

A key aspect to any event whether it’s a symposium, preceptorship or web-workshop is directly involving the audience; and HealthCare21 achieves this by integrating a variety of its own open-source applications and dedicated partner products that are phone, tablet and desktop enabled.

These applications are used in pre-meetings to assess individual learning needs, provide pre-activity learning and introductory faculty videos.

Experiential and precision learning

Modular, digital experiential and precision education courses, as well as virtual preceptorships, provide valuable learning opportunities for healthcare professionals and the medical science liasons that consult them.

HealthCare21 has also developed novel, virtual preceptorships that aim to give patient-focused experience through documentary-style videos, simulating interactions between care-team members and patients at different stages of the patient journey.

Telehealth and patient self-management

Patients with long-term conditions frequently find their treatment needs impacting upon their quality of life,
daily routines and self-management.

Telehealth digital resources present an opportunity for patients to become more informed on important self-management topics and interact with their healthcare team outside of scheduled appointments via phone app or video consultation. In doing so, telehealth quickly addresses any questions and issues, as well as improving treatment compliance and self-care.

Compliant social media use

Effective use of social media channels can help speed the dissemination of new evidence, medical advancements and expert opinion; and, through the involvement of digital opinion leaders, bring patients closer to effective treatments and expert advice.

HealthCare21 recognises that a move towards social media activities can raise concerns for the pharmaceutical industry. We have expert knowledge on compliant social media use and offer guidance to developing appropriate social media-led initiatives.

Essential customer insights

Gathering internal and external stakeholder insights are critical to shaping product launches, lifecycle management strategies, and validating medical affairs and commercial plans.

HealthCare21 drives the development and execution of stakeholder interviews via Skype or by using its Virtuo online interface. We also use gap and PICO framework critical analyses to ensure you gain the necessary granularity to inform your decision making and future strategies.

Improving real-world clinical practice

To achieve positive changes in local patient-care pathways requires a focus on implementation of guideline updates and best practice approaches into routine care.

HealthCare21’s Expert Exchange approach provides hands-on experience for multi-speciality professionals to determine how guidelines/evidence will impact their practice. Providing useful processes, local training and decision support tools and metrics to examine and review the latest changes, and efficiently update local protocols.

Informed-choice patient decision making

Patients could take more of an active role in their own care plan and treatment decisions, which would improve compliance and quality of life.

HealthCare21 provides tailored and accessible educational content and resources that improves health literacy and brings improved communication between patients and their healthcare team, allowing patients to better understand treatment options and see positive improvements in their quality of life.

Empowering patients to manage their health

Through the use of selective screening and biomarker monitoring of at-risk groups, early detection and personalised therapy for long-term conditions is becoming increasingly more possible leading to better patient outcomes.

HealthCare21 plays an important role working alongside the pharmaceutical industry and special interest advocacy groups to shape and deliver multichannel advocacy and public affairs initiatives that inform, engage and drive access to new treatment options.

Clinical positioning and appropriate use

Careful clinical positioning is necessary to ensure awareness and understanding for appropriate use of treatments within the care pathway as clinical practice guidelines are continuously being updated.

HealthCare 21’s Medical Education Group (MEG) supports the development of independent consensus forums involving multispecialty experts to consider all aspects of clinical management, patient support, health economics and real-world outcomes measurement.

Strategic product planning

Involving relevant internal and external stakeholders in collaborative planning activities is key to strategic gap analysis and scenario planning associated with product planning, market development and product lifecycle management.

At HealthCare21, we use a wide variety of integrated and iterative approaches via digital and face to face activities to explore stakeholder insights and unmet needs, product positioning, value propositions, and publication planning needs with our clients.