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The perfect blend of science and technology

Communicating with medical audiences across complex specialist care areas can be challenging: you need excellent content, a tailored use of technology and an engaging educational approach.

HealthCare21 is an independent strategic medical communications company supporting pharmaceutical companies active in speciality therapeutic areas through the development of highly relevant, technology-rich educational programmes and tools.

Our team combines strong scientific understanding and content development with a depth of technical know-how and many years’ international experience.

Our service is personal, flexible and highly engaged.

We think you will like our approach, our ideas and the impact we can make for you.


HealthCare21 Whitepaper

Our Latest Thinking

We’ve developed a novel approach that integrates EMA regulatory changes and digital/CRM strategy to cover areas such as drug use and compliance, patient counselling and self-management for patients. Watch our short video, which explains it all!

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When thinking about my medical communications partner I am looking for…

Well-grounded recommendations based on successful approaches that deliver measurable impact

Strong content development skills within my therapy areas

A team with international experience and strategic insights into the dynamics that influence behaviour

Creative educational approaches with innovative and integrated multichannel thinking

Value for money and return on investment

A self-guided, proactive and flexible team who is able to share ideas and engage with my company at all levels


| What We Do

We focus on answering your needs with a bespoke, flexible and highly engaged service. The established team rapidly become an integral element in your company to produce a seamless collaboration and help you create the best possible outcome.

We refuse to produce anything that does not reflect our greatest efforts, highest quality and years of experience – ‘satisfactory’ isn’t in our nature. Our aim is to mirror your aim, but more than that, we always think one step ahead and how we can help you achieve the optimum benefit and maximise your outreach. HealthCare21 tackle challenges head-on, offer solutions and remain proactive in everything we do.

Engaging Live Audiences

Compliant Social Media Use

Empowering Patients

Improving Clinical Practice

Immersive & Experiential Learning

Expert Engagement

Clinical Positioning

Informed Patient Decision-Making

Telehealth & Patient Self-Management

Telehealth and patient self-management

Patients with long-term conditions that need specialist management can find their treatment needs impacting upon their everyday routines and incorporating clinical advice can be difficult.

For example, treatment side effects, lifestyle restrictions and susceptibility to further comorbidities are all aspects of a progressive condition that need to be considered over time.

Telehealth resources present an opportunity for patients to become more informed on self-management and interact with their healthcare team outside of scheduled appointments and can include anything from the facility to set up a phone call or video consult with their physician to an online diagnostic and medication log.

The impact of these resources is a more accurate view of a patient’s condition; real-time reporting provides a more truthful and holistic picture that can allow a healthcare professional to thoroughly review and meet the needs of the patient. For patients, telehealth enables issues and questions to be addressed quicker improving treatment compliance and self-management.

Watch the video on MYHEALTH MONITOR on the use of telehealth to engage patients and the wider care team outside of clinic visits.

Informed patient decision-making

Health literacy levels worldwide are inadequate, and patients are not taking an active-enough role in their own healthcare.

Low health literacy levels have been linked to substandard management of chronic conditions, uninformed treatment decisions and poor treatment compliance. The solution is to provide suitable and accessible educational content and offer perspectives from the point of view of both the patient and their healthcare team. This engages providers, patients and carers in active and ongoing dialogue during the care process, particularly with a focus on key touchpoints.

Based on provider and patient needs assessment surveys, HealthCare 21 provides the resources that allow for an improved dialogue between patients and their doctors using media ranging from downloadable web content, social media, records of care and self-help booklets. These resources pave the way for the patients to feel more confident in their healthcare process, thus generating interest in preventative measures and a stronger understanding of treatment options so that informed decisions can be made.

Also see TELEHEALTH & PATIENT SELF-MANAGEMENT for more details on activities to engage patients and the wider care team outside of clinic visits.

Clinical positioning of new treatment options

Careful clinical positioning of a new treatment option provides answers to important questions for healthcare professionals and patients.

Treatments are often now available in advance of clinical practice guideline updates. Clear clinical positioning is therefore necessary to ensure awareness and understanding for appropriate use within the care pathway. Translating evidence-based benefits into day-to-day clinical practice and tailoring this information for professionals, patients and carers is essential, particularly in increasingly complex long-term care areas where there are many facets to providing effective care and patient self-management.

Bringing multispecialty experts together to consider all aspects of clinical management, patient support, health economics and real-world outcomes measurement within an independent consensus forum has proved an effective way of addressing key questions.

The output from concensus forums include scientific papers and accompanying slides, association updates, peer-to-peer educational activities, videos and social media activities to disseminate the expert opinion/guidance to a wider audience.

See an example publication, slide set and video on atrial fibrillation and stroke prevention.

Expert Engagement

Quantitative and qualitative assessment of clinicians, researchers, academics, pharmacists, payors and other stakeholders working in particular areas of healthcare is indispensable to ensure identification of key individuals for participation in advisory and peer-to-peer activities.

HealthCare21 has a tried and trusted methodology for undertaking this mapping which has been used to evaluate expertise in over 15 areas of care. It includes comprehensive desktop research, telephone interviews with experts and stakeholders and interviews with internal company team members.

Quantified content is included in an open source searchable and sortable Excel database (to enable selection of individuals for engagement activities) and comes with a number of standard reports and the option for customisable outputs. An accompanying slide set summarises the extensive information gathered in graphical form.

Immersive and experiential learning

The introduction of a new treatment option into routine practice requires extensive educational measures for all those involved in its use. Pharmaceutical companies, typically medical affairs team members, take a key role in this process providing customer support across a range of local implementation needs.

Immersive and experiential training courses undertaken at medical centres of excellence involving expert faculty who have direct experience of the new treatment through being a clinical investigator site or early adopter provide valuable insights.

For pharmaceutical team members, courses provide the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge around key aspects in which they will need to provide customer support, e.g., administration and usage, patient support and training.

For healthcare professionals, valuable real-life experience is gained through moderated patient interaction and opportunity to observe and discuss care pathway improvements with experts in the field.

Courses are tailored to participant needs, are typically highly clinic based with supporting education provided through case discussion, grand rounds and workshop sessions. Interactive tools are used to help engage faculty and participants in the learning process.

Improving clinical practice

New clinical practice guidelines typically become available every 2 years or in response to diagnostic and treatment advances.

To achieve changes in local patient-care pathways requires activities focused on implementation of guideline updates into routine care; often a challenging and time-intensive activity based on the complexities of the care pathway and range of healthcare professionals involved.

Expert-exchange workshops are a valuable, hands-on experience for multispecialty professionals to come together in collaboration with experts and determine how latest guidelines/evidence will impact on their practice. They provide a useful process and tools to examine and discuss the latest changes and produce tangible outputs for participants to take back to their centre to help efficiently update current practice.

Workshops are typically supported by educational tools that can be used as part of local peer-to-peer training activities. Expert-exchange workshops score highly with practicing professionals based on the opportunity to engage with experts and the development of practical outputs.

Empowering patients

Therapy for long-term conditions is becoming increasingly more personalised based on new treatment options, genetic assessments, guidelines, disease status, quality of life goals or a patient’s affinity for taking risk.

Increasing awareness and understanding of a condition, access to available treatment options and the important considerations that need to be reviewed in making an informed choice is paramount to patients engaging in their treatment and self-managing their health. Improving heath literacy and patient advocacy are important activities that aim to both inform, engage and give a voice to patients and carers.

HC21 has actively worked to improve health literacy and patient advocacy associated with long-term conditions such atrial fibrillation, prostate cancer and multiple sclerosis. These activities have impacted upon a greater opportunity for early diagnosis, optimised treatment, improving outcomes, quality of life and effectively managing healthcare costs.

See our White Paper and video on health literacy and the ageing population; the challenges, key requirements and the important role that pharmaceutical companies can play. [link coming soon]

Compliant social media use

Healthcare professionals, payors, patients and carers are online looking for relevant, accurate and tailored information (resources, peer opinion and shared experiences).

Social media can enable users to efficiently find specific valuable information and the pharmaceutical industry is being encouraged to use social media to communicate information about how their products can improve patient care. Often, regulatory and compliance measures present as a challenge, particularly when a two-way exchange of information is involved, e.g., Twitter Chat Forums.

HC21 has an indepth knowledge of all relevant guidelines and policies impacting effective use of social media. We have developed individual and partnership approaches that are fully compliant and take into account measurable attitude and behavioural insights, such as addressing key touch points and information needs at different points along the care pathway for individuals with long-term conditions.

See our TEN TIPS FOR PHARMA to boost social media engagement; a round-up of the most successful and compliant uses of social media in the pharmaceutical industry.

Engaging live audiences

Directly involving attendees in the learning activity is key to any live event whether it be a symposium, forum, preceptorship or web-workshop.

Using on-demand, informative and intuitive communication tools to engage audiences is an important part of this learning process.

HC21 integrates a variety of its own open-source applications and dedicated partner products that are phone, tablet and laptop enabled. These are used pre-meeting to assess individual learning needs, provide pre-activity learning and introductory faculty videos; during meetings for polling, faculty questions, viewing sessions and slides, and post-activity to evaluate the learning, provide teaching slide sets, case studies and discussion summaries.

Our Difference

Below we have included some of the feedback given to us by our clients about working with us. We have also listed some of our clients.

HealthCare21 - Lundbeck
HealthCare21 - Sanofi
HealthCare21 - Norgine
HealthCare21 - Novartis
HealthCare21 - Regeneron
HealthCare21 - Sobi
HealthCare21 - Pfizer
HealthCare21 - NHS
HealthCare21 - Intercept

| Our Values

    We believe that:
  • our customers are precious
  • we should take responsibility for and always honour our obligations
  • open honest relationships are essential
  • authenticity and integrity are fundamental
  • simple is usually the best approach
  • limiting redundancy and waste is a priority
  • no questions are stupid
  • you have the right to your opinion and to speak your mind
  • good ideas come from everyone
  • sound corporate social responsibility should be part of daily activities.

We recognise and adopt the positive benefits of diversity
We are fully engaged with our clients and work together towards a common aim.
We deliver a tailored service which is of the highest quality and is good value for money
We draw upon the resources within our extended team to deliver effective and measurable solutions
We believe in positive, open and candid relationships
We work to proven processes and take full responsibility for our agreed deliverables

| Our News

We like to keep abreast of current new topics in the fields of healthcare, medical research, medicine, science, technology and digital developments. Here you will find short articles written by our team members on subjects that have really grabbed our attention.

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